What are Mental Models || Mental Models of Success || Achieve Goals

What are Mental Models || Mental Models of Success || Achieve Goals

What are Mental Models

Mental models is understanding how the mind works enables educators to design more effective learning environments. If individuals know the constraints and limitations of their cognition such as the limited capacity of working memory (WM) (Baddeley, 1986) and difficulty in retrieving required information from long-term memory (LTM) (Kozma, 1987), they can better support these limitations by providing appropriate tools and strategies to learning environments.

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Mental Model is any internal representation of the relations between a set of elements, as, for example, between workers in an office or department, the elements of a mathematics or physics problem, the terms of a syllogism, or the configuration of objects in a space. Such models may contain perceptual qualities and may be abstract in nature. They can be manipulated to provide dynamic simulations of possible scenarios and are thought to be key components in decision making.

Feed mind, not the Crush 

Do not spend so much time trying to be more physically attractive in order to just impress your crush rather than making yourself mentally attractive.

Educate yourself, address your recurring toxic thoughts, deal with your insecurities and learn to be happy on your own.
What are Mental Models || Mental Models of Success || Achieve Goals

That's attractive.

Normalize saying "No" without needing to over-explain yourself. If someone is offended by your boundaries, that's their problem☺. You don't have to appeal to people to understand you. You are responsible for what you said not for what they understood

The best weight you'll ever lose is the weight of other people's opinion of you.

Fun is yours; You define it.

Don't subscribe to other people's definition of "fun".

Fun doesn't have to mean drinking, partying and socializing.
Fun can be a night in alone, getting lost in a book, a deep conversation, a walk, creating art, playing music, or doing your work.

Love is not enough.

Before you get married discuss:

  • Bills, 
  • Parenting styles, 
  • Credit, debt, 
  • How to deal with family, 
  • What belief will be installed in your children, 
  • Childhood traumas, 
  • Sexual expectations, 
  • Partner expectations, 
  • Financial expectations, 
  • Family health history, 
  • Bucket list, 
  • Dream home, 
  • Career 
  • Education, political view

Whatever else come in mind.

Age mental model

The age of 15-30 is golden era of your life. 
  • You make friends, lose them too. 
  • You make mistakes, correct them too. 
  • You fall, you fail, you learn, you realize, 
  • You hit reality, you fall in love, you get hurt too. 
  • You lose yourself and eventually you become stronger.

These are the best years of your life. You should understand the difference between enjoying it and ruining it.

Heal before having children;

Heal before having children so your children don't have to heal from having you as a parent. Don't make children, to have regret to have you as parents.
You should have earned enough for them before to make them 

Work on your mental models in your 20s to
  • Make better decisions
  • Excel at everything - Live a happy life
  • Become highly successful Become a better individual
  • Even people like Elon Musk & Naval use Mental Models
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